Seamless pipes

The construction industry has undergone a lot of changes over the years to make processes more efficient, equipment safer and to improve the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of buildings. Due to this, requirements in construction industry have changed and this is what necessitated the development of seamless steel pipes. Steel pipes can either be seamless or welded. There are many types of steel pipes but they all fall in either one of these two categories. The difference between the two is in the manufacturing processes and this brings about differences in their properties as well. seamless pipes are generally preferred to welded pipes for a number of reasons.

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Ability to withstand high pressure

Seamless steel pipes are able to withstand higher pressure than welded pipes because they have no weak point. Welded pipes have a weak point at the welding point and because of this, they can start breaking from that point when under high pressure. No welding is involved in the manufacture of seamless pipes and this means that they have uniform tensile strength around the circumference. Accordingly, there is no need to worry about the weld quality which is usually a major concern when using welded steel because it limits the pressure that the pipe can withstand. The pressure that a pipe can withstand depends on the alloys used and the thickness of the walls. But generally, seamless steel pipes can withstand higher pressure than welded pipes of the same dimensions and made of the same alloys. Thus, you can use thinner and lighter seamless steel pipes and save some money on the cost of the pipes.

Stronger and more reliable

With seamless pipes, you have the assurance that the pipe can support its weight and that of the materials flowing through it. There is no risk of the pipe leaking through the seams. They are, therefore, safer than welded pipes. If a pipe burst, it could lead to a lot of material going to waste and worse still, it could injure the people around or even cause an explosion, for instance, if it was a pipe carrying gas or oil. Seamless steel pipes are also good for use in harsh conditions such as very high or low temperatures.

Uniform shape

Welded pipes are not usually as round as seamless steel pipes because the heat used during welding and the stress the pipes are under when they are wrapped around another form may distort the shape. Seamless pipes always have a perfect round shape you can count on having uniform parts and this makes installing pipes and other fittings easier because the sizes will be exactly as specified.


With all the advantages of seamless steel pipes over welded pipes, it is no wonder that they are fast gaining popularity in the construction industry. Although seamless pipes are generally costlier than welded pipes, their benefits make them a worthwhile investment. Their properties make them perfect for a wide range high-pressure applications including use in hydraulic and air cylinders, automobiles, and in the exploration and drilling of oil and gas among other applications.